Cadnum maintains close relationships with a wide range of partners and subcontractors in Europe, the Maghreb, Asia and the Middle East.


Our daily challenge is to find your ideal partner to meet your requirements.

Cadnum is a member of AVIA association (Auvergne Valorisation de l’Industrie Aéronautique) which merges about 50 local partners. 



We have long developed a partnership with companies based in China. This collaboration allowd us to combine our know-how with the controlled costs of the Chinese workforce. A French interlocutor carries out the design and supervises the totality of your project to exercise a quality control of the manufacturing.


Following a strong demand from our customers, our trade with Morocco has multiplied. From now on, we are able to realize in this geographical area your tools as well as the machining of your composite parts. All of these partners significantly increase our production capacity and allow us to carry out large projects in a very short time.


All these partnerships sharply increase our manufacturing capabilities and let us lead heavy projects in a short period.


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